The Human Growth Hormone and Its Use As An Anti-Aging Product


On the face of it, our human body appears very much ordinary. The truth is that numerous and incredibly complex reactions are happening in our bodies all the times. Things such as growing and aging look so obvious and one that cannot be avoided by any one of us. Nevertheless, the reality is that the process of human growth and aging is not inevitable and cannot be avoided.


Our understanding of the human body has revealed to us that growth and aging are as a result of the release of hormones by the glands which are found in our bodies. The pituitary gland in the body secretes human growth hormone which is absorbed by organs such as the liver. This hormone is the driving force behind all the growth that occurs in the human body.   If your pituitary gland does not release that the human growth hormone in the right quantities, it will bring about stunted growth. On the other hand, in case there is a scenario where the growth hormone is secreted in excessive quantities, there will be unnatural growth. Abnormal secretion of human growth hormone explains why we find individuals who are very tall or very short.


The human growth hormone is secreted in large quantities when somebody is young. As one gets to adulthood, the gland slowly starts releasing less and less growth hormone. By the time we hit old age, the release of the growth hormone has completely stopped. In most cases, we see old people who have problems of wrinkles, slow healing from injuries, loss of memory, malfunctioning of vital organs and the loss of hair. The cause for that is the lack of secretion of growth hormone in the body that comes as a result of old age. You may also read further at


That discovery has brought about the belief that, injection of human growth hormone in the body will be of importance in avoiding the inevitable process of aging. The truth is that intake of human growth hormone will bring about longer and healthier life. That does not imply human growth hormone is an elixir that will permanently prevent aging, check this human growth hormone info here!


Even though human growth hormone therapy is still in the emerging stages, the outcome of the therapy is very encouraging. External and artificial injection of human growth hormone in the body brings about the loss of fat and an increase in the muscle as well as bone density. The individual will feel stronger, go here to know more!

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